Paying it Forward

While this blog focus is living the tall life in style, every once and a while I may address other facets of life.

Lately I have put off the second weekly blog post in favor of planning a fundraiser for my favorite nonprofit, Preservation Maryland. As of recently, the federal funding for this and other arts- and humanities-based nonprofits have been on the chopping block. I have reacted to this by planning a fundraising series for the month of May.

The Preservation Maryland Six-to-Fix Fitness Tour will run every Saturday throughout the month of May, and thanks to the enthusiam that we received from so many fitness studios, the first Saturday of June as well. May is nationally recognized as official Historic Preservation month, so it was only fitting that this series runs throughout the month.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the interest we have gotten from so many fitness facilities. We have secured charity fitness classes with the following studios on the following dates and times:

  • [solidcore] Annapolis on May 6th at noon and 1:30 pm (Once on the MindBody Interface, if you aren’t automatically directed, search for [solidcore] DMV on Saturday May 6.)
  • CrossFit Iniquus in Crofton on May 13th at 9 am
  • The Dailey Method in Towson on May 20th at 11 am (cycle) and 1 pm (barre)
  • Sweetbay Yoga in Bethesda on May 17th at noon (Once on the MindBody Interface, if you aren’t automatically directed, search for Sweetbay Yoga on Saturday May 27.)
  • Beachfit Baltimore on June 3rd at 10 am

Proceeds will go to the Preservation Maryland Six-to-Fix program. At each date, we will be providing post-workout refreshments, giving away gift bags, and raffling off tours and tastings for several Maryland-based wineries and distilleries.

Let me know if you can make it!

40 Days and 40 Nights without Online Shopping

This year for Lent, I committed to giving up online shopping and Halo Top ice cream. The former aligns with my New Years resolution to find excitement and newness in the clothing I already have in my closet. The latter aligns with my New Years resolution to work out and eat healthier so that I may actually fit into the clothing I already have in my closet.

From now until Easter, my Thursday posts will be of the spring outfits that I just cannot wait to wear. I chose spring because I haven’t seen those clothes since last September when I last turned over my closet; this punctuates the feeling of newness. Furthermore, after my first winter in Philadelphia, even though as I understand it, has been unseasonably mild, I just cannot wait for spring weather.

By the time this entry is posted, I will be eight days into Lent. Only thirty-two more to go!

A Fab Collab: New Balance x J.Crew

If there is one thing I love, it is a good brand x brand collaboration. Lanvin x H&M? I experienced extreme remorse that I did not get in line for that. L’Wren Scott x Banana Republic? I absolutely bought every item released in tall. (RIP L’Wren Scott. You were my tall woman spirit animal and your collab with BR was absofuckinglutely ingeneous.) Lilly Pulitzer x Target? My alarm was set for the early morning online release and once I realized what a dumpster fire the Target website had become, you bet your money that I sprinted to be first in line at the Hyattsville, Maryland Target and had the then-boyfriend / now-fiance stalk his then-local Target on the west coast for the items that I hadn’t procured (nail polish, hats, headbands).

You can understand that I was thrilled when my go-to brand, J.Crew, collaborated with New Balance, to release an active line. As difficult as it is, I have done my best to put out of my mind the political stance of the New Balance brand, as touched on in What I Returned and Why: A Feedback Story. As a result, I have become especially discriminate in whether I keep items from the line.

As discussed in a prior blog entry, I returned the seamless pants. Something about sporting a unibutt is just unsettling. The tops, however, were a home run. I purchased two hoodies of the same style and two tanks of different styles. I love that all of these items run long in the torso. What I love even more is that the tanks do not let gravity take over while I am in down dog.

I bought the colors that I just had to have during my initial New Balance x J.Crew haul. I am keeping my eye out for the yellow hoodie and tank and any other items that get marked down. Let me know if you catch on to a sale before I do, because these items have made getting ready for a work out all the more fun. As far as I am concerned, if that makes me motivated to work out, then count me in!

Featured items: hoodie // ruched tank // basic tank

The items on my shopping list: jacket // tank with built-in bra //

printed long sleeve tee // printed sports bra // running shorts

2017 Will Be Epic

I cannot articulate how stoked I am for 2017. The most momentous event of my life will be happening in September. Like all brides, I want to look my best on my wedding day. I hate that I have jumped on this cliched trend but after jumping on the scale a few weeks ago, I committed myself to “shedding for the wedding.” Backstory: Two years ago, due to a busy work schedule and studying for the LEED GA, ND, and BD+C accreditations, I allowed my physical fitness to be de-prioritized, stress-ate, quit going to the gym, and consequently gained a substantial amount of weight. I have not been committed to changing my lifestyle choices and due to a knee injury, quit running – my former main source of exercise.

I got a jump on this committment several weeks ago, when a beautiful new fitness center opened up in the first floor of my building. The location is perfect, as I am able to eliminate excuses for skipping class, such as “it is too far,” and “it is too cold to go outside.” Rather than a gym with weights and cardio equipment, this center only offers studio classes – my favorites being barre, namaste + tone (yoga with weights), full body fusion (boot camp), and yoga. For the first few weeks, I was the only student so I was able to get one-on-one attention from the instructors, which has made me even more accountable in terms of attendance.

I know that bodies are made in the kitchen rather than the gym, but since moving in with the fiance, we have been eating like garbage people. Having someone there to enable bad food choices has been detrimental to both of our waistlines; however now that we have stepped on the scale and had a reality check, we have agreed to collecting a few healthy recipes that we can both look forward to eating. I will be looking through Goop. As out-of-touch as I find Gwyneth Paltrow, I cannot deny the coconut poached salmon, cauliflower black bean bowl with kale guacamole, and gazpacho. Please feel free to send along any suggestions to

While the initial motivation is to become healthier and stronger in preparation for the wedding, I am looking forward to wearing some of my favorite clothes already in my closet that I haven’t fit into since fall 2014, but have not been able to part with. I look forward to finding newness, yet comforting familiarity, in pieces that I would still buy today.

When I do go shopping, I am going to color outside of the lines. I certainly gravitate to some brands over others. This is going to be the year where I try new things and find the tall-friendly styles in brands that do not typically run long. I look forward to sharing these styles with you, which brings me to my next commitment.


I could not have imagined how much I would enjoy blogging. Everything from finding my favorite in tall styles, selecting dynamic locations, and writing content has been the best retreat from a static 9-to-5 job that does not particularly lean creative. In recent weeks, I have started releasing content on Tuesdays in addition to my regular Thursdays. On these days at 1:00 pm, I experience a complete rush when my content posts and because of that I intend to continue that schedule into the new year. Thank you for joining me in 2016 and I look forward to connecting in 2017.