Checking In…

I did not stick to my healthy eating and exercise goals for the month of March. My discipline just isn't strong enough to stick to anything that isn't black-and-white strict, in the way that Whole30 is. So during the month of April, specifically starting on April 2, last Monday, I am back on the Whole30 [...]

Eye Spy

This may be gross, TMI, albeit mundane, but I have to share something that I am really pleased with myself about. Since last August, I have been vigilant about taking my contact lenses out every night. This came after a meeting with my new optometrist. Before that, for the few months prior I was taking [...]

Whole30 LESSONS: Week 2

I cannot believe that I am already fifteen days into Whole30. Last's week lessons still apply, but I have picked up a few hacks that have made my life easier. Carrying Epic jerky and Whole30-compliant Luna bars at all time are key. A few days ago, we were out running errands and the fiance was [...]

Whole30 Lessons: Week 1

Whole30 Lessons: Week 1

I am writing this seven days into Whole30 and I have learned a few lessons in regards to adhering to the plan. Planning is everything. Prior to starting Whole30, I ordered the original guide and the cookbook. The fiance and I designated the recipes of interest with green sticky notes (his picks) and pink sticky notes [...]

2017 Will Be Epic

I cannot articulate how stoked I am for 2017. The most momentous event of my life will be happening in September. Like all brides, I want to look my best on my wedding day. I hate that I have jumped on this cliched trend but after jumping on the scale a few weeks ago, I [...]