En Vogue With Your Skin Out

Did anyone else not see winter store Stella coming? Yes, there was snow in the forecast a week prior, but this winter has been so temperate that I just did not believe that snow was going to happen in Philadelphia.

Mid-morning of our snow day, during a momentary pause of the snowfall, the fiance and I wanted to check out the snow coverage and whether the snow plows had made their rounds, so we went up to our apartment rooftop.

We were in the middle of a marathon laundry day, so I took a walk on the wild side and wore a cocktail dress paired with all weather boots for the day. I cannot remember the last time I wore this particular dress. (Edit: False. It was fall 2014, layered over a long sleeve forest green cashmere tee shirt.) It is comfortable enough to wear the entire day, so #livealittle.

I think my favorite part of the outfit are the gloves and the scarf. Despite different brands, the gloves are lined with the same colored cashmere as the scarf. Both accessories, but especially the gloves feel very 1950s ladylike. Or Olivia Pope.

scarf // watch // cuff // earrings // bracelet // sunglasses // gloves // socks // boots (mine) //  boots (his)

Suit Up

For the past three weeks, I have been on a Netflix binge of Friends. As someone who was in elementary and middle school throughout the nineties and grew up in a one television house, I was not vested enough to keep up with the series once I owned my own television during the latter half of the original run. With the introduction of Netflix, that has changed.

Of all of the characters in the ensemble sitcom, Rachel Green’s style evolution is the most obvious. She goes from Central Perk barista to Bloomingdales assistant, personal shopper, and buyer, to Ralph Lauren merchandising manager. Reflective of her career trajectory, she transitions from denim vests and miniskirts to polished suiting.

I interjected my Friends binge with a Sex and the City binge. Rather than Miranda Hobbes’s power suiting, it was Samantha Jones’s that spoke to me.

I found myself inspired to invest in some suiting of my own. Challenging when one tops 6′-2″ in height, but possible!

These are my suit-shopping-for-the-tall-girl takeaways:

  • When presented with the option of different pant cuts, purchase all of them and return the ones that are not your favorite. Apply the same practice to sizes. More often than not, tall lengths are exclusive to online stores. Making a bulk purchase keeps the shipping and handling charges, which tend to be flat if not free after hitting a price threshold, to a minimum. Return the cuts you don’t like to the store.
  • If you have the option to buy the coordinating skirt, dress, or cropped pant, do it. Maximize your options!
  • Many suits (and most of the following options) come in multiple colors. Once you identify your ideal suit size and cut, purchase it in all of the available color options. I cannot tell you how many times I ended up kicking myself after not purchasing multiple colorways of my favorite styles (suiting or not), after finding out they were discontinued.
  • Unless I am shopping for activewear, I have a no-to-minimal polyester policy. I learned this lesson from Confessions of a Shopoholic when Rebecca realized she was clinging to an item consisting of only a small percentage of cashmere. If you are investing a few hundred dollars into an item, pay attention to fabric content. I was shocked at how many pricey suiting pieces listed polyester as the primary fiber.

The following suit separates come in tall. Hover over each of the pants photos for the inseam length.

blazer // lined trouser // unlined trouser // pant // cropped pant

blazer // trouser

blazer // pant // cropped pant // trouser

blazer // pant // pant // pant

pinstripe blazer // pinstripe trouser

blazer // trouser // pencil skirt // cropped pant

blazer // pant

Five Miles in Flats


The weather this past weekend was so beautiful. The fiance and I spent Sunday at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and then wandered through Center City and stopped at Miel Patisserie for iced tea and macarons.

The flats I wore allowed me to walk the five miles around Philadelphia. It was such a gorgeous day that I knew I needed to wear shoes that I would be able to wear for the long run, so I built my outfit around them. The shirt I picked is the one that inspired me to start this blog. The skirt is one I spotted last fall, but it wasn’t until I was thinking of bottoms that would pair well with said shirt, that I moved forward on purchasing the skirt post-holiday on a deep markdown.

I am obsessed with these sunglasses. It is the combination of the blue lenses and tortoise frames with the gold plated arms that gets me. I became obsessed, didn’t make a move, experienced dire remorse when they disappeared from all online stores they previously had presence in, obsessed even further, and finally, called the designer to ask if they had a pair in their brick and mortar store. They did and I got them as a Valentine’s Day gift.

tall blazer (similar) // shirt (similar) // skirt // sunglasses (similar) // flats (similar) // cuff with pearl and gold // earrings // eyeshadow // lip crayon // lip pencil

Winter Blues

Philadelphia was hit with snow last Thursday. Although it was only a minor storm, the snowfall was enough to shut down offices across the region. Cut to two days later on Saturday, when the temperatures returned to the 50s and all reminders of the snowstorm had disappeared.

I have discussed my love for tall-sized outerwear in the past. While J.Crew offers their styles in Nelo Gori, I have found that Gap and Banana Republic offer even their winter styles in lighter fabrics. While it would not have been an appropriate layer for last Thursday, this fabric happened to be perfect for Saturday when I needed a coat for a mild winter day. I find that the outerwear styles, from all of the brands, fit true to size.

There was a certain time during high school when mainstream retailers were releasing rhinestone embellished jeans, leather separates, and metallic pieces. I credit the theatrical release and success of The Matrix. Unfortunately I rarely got to wear any of these items since they never came in tall sizes. Given how I missed out, you can understand how I immediately had to buy a pair of embellished jeans when I found a pair in tall! While the waist fits true to size, the legs are especially skinny but have enough stretch to accommodate the cut.

Here is hoping that we get another snow day…or we get spring temperatures sooner than later!

blue stripe button down // rhinestone jeans // peacoat (similar) // sunglasses // watch // cable cuff with gold and pearl // quatrefoil ring //  pearl earrings //  pumps (similar) // lip pencil // eyeshadow pallette

My Book/Mark/Downs


Does anyone else bookmark items they love and continue to stalk them? (Just me….?) My current browser home page has a large selection of bookmarks from different sites. Some items I am waiting for my size to become available. Some items I am waiting to be marked down until I can reason paying promotional / sale / clearance prices. Some items I am waiting to purchase until my last month’s credit card rewards are issued. Some items I am waiting for a reason to purchase. #ballgown

navy pinstripe dress // black and white gown // blue bow blouse // black studded jeans // floral skirt // slingback heel

Spring into 2017

I remarked how much I was looking forward to warmer weather as the fiance and I were walking home from brunch last week. The cold weather has me longing for the Spring 2017 lines. As soon as we returned to the apartment, I browsed my favorite online stores to get a jump start on seasonal wardrobe updates.

If we are being honest, I got a jump on shopping the day after Christmas when this pink and white stripe top caught my eye. It is just as dreamy as person. Rather than a poplin fabric, which it was I was expecting, I was pleasantly surprised that it is made of a cotton oxford fabric. The best part is that this top comes in tall.

Lately, I have gravitated toward bohemian-style pieces. (Cut to all of the tunics and caftans I accumulated last summer.) The blue tie-dye tunic is exactly what I have been craving for the past few months, as it combines my current favorite print with my current favorite silhouette. I cannot wait to wear it this spring for casual Fridays. This brand has not yet expanded into tall sizing, but in my experience tops in this line already run long.

I have been on the lookout for a pair of ankle length skinny white destroyed denim. These are exactly what I was hoping to find. I think they will look great with either the blue tie-dye tunic or the pink and white stripe top.

I am obsessed with this blue and white dress. The blue and white stripes remind me of the classiness of a bankers stripe button up. Once we hit spring and past opaque tights weather, this 100% cotton style is going to feel like heaven. This dress comes in tall – praise the Lord!

Top three selling points about the khaki short trench – 1) It would be perfect over every other piece from this post. 2) It comes in tall. 3) It is water resistant with a hood; perfect for being prepared for spring showers! Do you need anything else? No, I don’t think so.

The accessories are arguably my favorite pieces in this post. The statement necklace and statement earrings go together without being too matchy-matchy. The clutch is rose gold and spring is the perfect season to break the shade out after a cold winter. I love rose gold so much that I bought it in the same style as the yellow gold cuff and I cannot wait to stack them. Lastly, I feel like we should discuss the headband, and headbands in general. A polarizing topic, I was planning on polling this topic soon on my Twitter, but I am just going to put it out there that I love this accessory especially in unconventional and upscale materials and fabrics. Thoughts on the Blair Waldorf essential?

tie-dye tunic // pink and white stripe flutter sleeve top // khaki hooded short trench // rose gold clutch // statement necklace // statement earrings // gold cuff // feather headband // white destroyed jeans // blue and white striped dress

Attempting to Go Off-Brand

In an effort to try new things, I attempted to go off-brand when picking out my outfit for brunch last Saturday. I started with the black studded dress. It is something that I would have gone bonkers for while I was still in high school at the turn of the millenium – does anyone else long for the days where the major clothing trends were metallics, leather, and embellishments? I blame-slash-credit The Matrix – and it was one I went bonkers for a few weeks ago when I saw it online. The dress came in tall and it was on clearance, and lucky for you there are still more in stock.

Even luckier for you, I am giving the heads up that this style is see-through, as I unpleasantly found out as I made my way out of the lobby of my building. Wear a slip with it. The hem of my slip fell beneath the hem of the dress, which I thought really worked for my going off-brand approach.

Not so lucky about the sequin cardigan, however. As mentioned in A Fab Collab: New Balance x J.Crew, I bought nearly every item from the L’Wren Scott (Fact: L’Wren Scott [R.I.P] was a fellow tall girl, clocking in at 6′-3.) x Banana Republic Collection that came in a tall option. I immediately coveted this cardigan, as it and the two others I purchased, reminded me of some Eric Daman-crafted costumes.

I voted the booties as Least Likely to be Found in My Closet in A J.Crew Shoe Review. A purchase I did not remember making, I bought these after taking out an entire bottle of red on Election Night. (For the record, it was not a happy drunk night.) When the J.Crew box arrived in the mail and I opened the shoe box, I had to laugh at myself. I soon realized how free my calves felt after trying them on and walking around on the carpeted area of the apartment. I was sold.

The coat is one of the few I own that is not J.Crew outerwear. I purchased it back in 2010 from The Gap. Like J.Crew, outerwear at The Gap does come in tall options. The material is certainly not the Nello Gori-quality of that of the J.Crew counterparts, but it is also not nearly as expensive. For the 40-50 degree temperature of last Saturday in Philadelphia, the lighter fabric of this coat was ideal.

The accessories are where my attempt to go off-brand went awry. Rather than a winter scarf or necklace, I went with a vintage equestrian scarf that I found in a thrift store in York, England. Wanting to carry something different than my go-to Kate Spade handbag (last seen here), I tore my closet apart looking for a bag that would suit the outfit and realized that I did not own another black handbag. I did have a plaid Coach clutch circa 1999. With that choice, the final nail was put in my off-brand effort.

dress // boots (similar) // boots (similar) // boots (similar) // coat (similar) // coat (similar) // sunglasses // scarf (similar) // scarf (similar) // scarf (similar) // scarf (similar) // earrings (similar) // ring // pearl cuff // black diamond bracelet // lip pencil // eye makeup pallette

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

My fiance and I hosted my parents for Christmas. Since we had a huge homemade meal planned for Christmas Day, we took Christmas Eve off from the kitchen and dined at Butcher and Singer.

Our meal was fantastic. I tried swordfish for the first time, in addition to ordering some favorites: oysters rockefeller, creamed spinach, asparagus, roasted brussels sprouts. I ate a few bites of my fiance’s chocolate cake and mom’s baked Alaska, and stole a forkfull of my father’s cheesecake.

Going into the dinner, I knew that I was going to be eating a lot of food; it is crucial to be able to recognize this when picking out one’s outfit for the night. Rather than wearing something with a static waistband, I opted for a dress with a touch of stretch, cropped tweed jacket, black leather gloves, black Kate Spade bag and black patent Cole Haan heels (both previously featured here).

Tights are a little trickier, especially for a taller woman. Two weeks ago, I ordered three pairs of Urban Outfitters opaque tights. I have had excellent luck with this style in the past. The pairs in my dresser are soft and do not have to stretch so much that they lose their opacity. I loved them so much that I had several pairs in black and charcoal gray, and even a lovely light gray pair. Unfortunately, I think the style has been updated through the years. After slipping into a new pair, my fiance pointed out several patches that were of varied in terms of opacity. The tights had to go back.

I purchased three pairs from J.Crew – the opaque and super opaque. Just after I hit the order button, I realized that I could be going about this all wrong and perhaps it was time to try a clothing line that exclusively releases designs for tall females. With that, I visited the Long Tall Sally online store and added two pairs to my virtual shopping bag, with plans to test them out on Christmas Eve and to return the J.Crew pairs.

The Long Tall Sally tights weren’t as opaque as I wished they would be. They were a lower rise than I am used to, probably because I tend to buy tights in medium/large or large and I bought these in a medium. There were a few moments that night that I had to excuse myself to the restroom and pull up the pair. The jury is still out on whether I am going to keep the second pair I ordered, but I am going to give them another shot on New Years Eve.

tall dress // basic opaque tight // superopaque tight // opaque tights // long tights // black leather cashmere-lined gloves // pearl necklace // quatrefoil ring // cable bracelet with pearl and gold // lip pencil // rose gold eyeshadow pallette