Let’s Wait Fair Isle

Asos really is all about the quantity. There are tens of thousands of products on the site? Maybe hundreds of thousands? I don't know. It is all very overwhelming. When I find something amazing on the site, I feel the need to share it but only if it is available in tall. I found the [...]

Mind Over Flapper

For the past few Wednesdays, I have searched and shared the best of the Asos tall selection. The selection is beyond expansive and quite overwhelming. After paging through the tall range for fifteen minutes, I realized that I had not even cracked a fraction of the thousands of styles available. Is there such thing as too much? [...]

Hit the Lounge Running

Did you know that Asos has a tall pajamas assortment? With the exception of J.Crew (which has seemingly discontinued the tall options), I have not known any brand to provide a selection of tall lounge, and I am here for it! I am also into this pajama set. In the past year I have increasingly paid attention [...]

The Road Dress Traveled

I have never shopped at Asos and upon the review of the tall selection of clothing, I wonder why not. Actually, that is not true. I know why I have never shopped Asos and it is because there is such a massive selection of product. In the tall range alone, nearly thirteen thousand styles are [...]